Alya Sharma
Freelance designer
with focus on web design
and np-code (landing page, e-commerce and corporate website)
From time to time I also do graphic design, brand identity and visual system.
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Web design (2022)
Aadre – hair, face and body care products with safe and hypoallergenic formulas and an aroma collection for home.

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Web design / graphic design (2020)
Etc — jewelry brand for everyone: women, men, kids, pets, etc. It's an appreciation of simplicity, quality and aesthetics. Things that bring balance and joy to the everyday. Things to love and share with loved ones.
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Web design (2022)
Web design (2023)
Nothing Fancy is a progressive project with all-day breakfasts, bowls and a juice bar. Food and drink for those who love themselves and think about what they eat.
[e-commerce / tilda]
Clothes brand based in Saint-Petersburg.
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Web design (2023)
EDXXKAT is a studio founded by Katy Pititskaya and Eduard Eremchuk architects and designers. They specialize in architecture, interior design, installations and product design.
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Web design (2023)
3 days education Sergey Gurov. Playground.
If you don't need a website, let's just
play tennis 🎾
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Web design (2023)
Web design (2023)
Mint Running Club is a running club that specializes in organizing training sessions, marathons, and other running events.
bolshoybar — small bar in the center of Petrogradskya street.
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Web design (2024)
Solids billiard club & bar – 180 square meters in the Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg.
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Web design (2021)
Jog dog – an ergonomic shoe brand for vibrant lifestyles. Landing page for start clothes collection and presentation it.